Appointments for special tests

Please refer to the list below for more information on locations where you can make appointments for special tests with Pathlab:   

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Test 
  • Cameron Rd, via Tauranga Hospital entrance, Tauranga (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday mornings)
  • 58 Tristram St, Hamilton
  • Whakatane Hospital Laboratory (Thursday mornings)
Bone Marrow
  • BOP – Cameron Rd, via Tauranga Hospital entrance: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings 
  • LSR – Haupapa Street site only - Haematology Department - by appointment only
  • Waikato – N/A - HAEMATOLOGY
  • Whakatane – Thursday morning
Fine Needle Aspirate – FNA (Mammogram before FNA or 10 days post)
  • BOP- Cameron Rd, via Tauranga Hospital entrance - Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings 
  • LSR – Lakeland Health site only - Appointment made at Haupapa Street
  • Waikato – Main lab only
  • Whakatane: Thursday morning
Glucose Tolerance Test - GTT / PTT

You can have this test at any of our collection rooms. Click here for details of a room near you. Morning appointment required, patient must be fasting 8-12 hours, test takes 2 hours to complete and you must remain at the rooms for the duration

  • BOP- performed at all rooms, limit of 3 appointments on Saturday mornings 
  • LSR – Haupapa Street site only - NOT on Saturdays
  • Waikato - all surgeries – main lab only Saturday mornings 
  • Whakatane - every morning
Mantoux – immune status/TB

You will need to stay for 20 m inutes post injection observation
Patient/employment request $15 charge
Test given – Monday - read Thursday, Tuesday – read Friday, Friday – read Monday
  • BOP – performed at Cameron Rd, via Tauranga Hospital entrance, Baymed
  • LSR – Lakeland Health site only - payment if appointment made at Haupapa St site
  • Waikato – Anglesea St Clinic – each day except Thursday 
  • Whakatane - Hospital site - afternoon appointments only
Synacthen - test for Addison’s disease

No cortisone, hydrocortisone, prednisone, Dexamethasone, Betamethesone 8hrs prior to test. 8:50-8:55 am appointment time, the test takes approximately 1 hr 10 mins, patient must stay at the Lab for the duration.
  • BOP – Cameron Rd, via Tauranga Hospital entrance, it's important to ensure the Pathologist will be available.  The requestor must write a prescription for Synathen 0.25mg for the patient to collect from a pharmacy and bring with them to their appointment.
  • LSR – Lakeland Health site only - by request of specialist ONLY
  • Waikato – Main lab only 
  • Whakatane - Hospital
Skin Allergy Testing

Skin prick tests are requested to confirm a diagnosis of allergy.  Contact your nearest Collection facility as an appointment is required, duration of test is approximately 30 minutes.
  • No antihistamines can be taken for 3-7 days before the test (masal sprays are okay)
  • Prednisone - high dose over 15mg per day may interfere with the test
  • Topical steroids - should be discontinued for one week if possible
  • Wait 6 weeks after EPIPEN use before making an appointment
Urine Drug Screens (pre-employment, visa applications, child custody etc)

No longer available.

DNA for paternity/maternity test

Cost for 3 people = $1,125.00.
Payment is required at time of testing (unless other arrangements made e.g. legal aid)
Recent passport style photograph required for all parties, plus passport or drivers license if available. Information of legal representation is required. 
Child under 16 years must NOT have sample collected without guardians consent (signed form DNA01c). 

  • BOP – Cameron Rd, via Tauranga Hospital entrance afternoon appointments, Monday-Thursday (Phoenix House appointments are available by arrangement)
  • LSR - Haupapa Street site only
  • Waikato – Main lab only in Hamilton and some out of town surgeries
  • Whakatane - Collection rooms only not hospital site 

Allergy testing

An appointment is required. Please contact a suitable collection facility below for more information on test requirements.

  • BOP - Cameron Rd, via Tauranga Hospital entrance, Baymed
  • LSR - Hospital site only (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 1pm - 3pm only)
  • Waikato - Main lab only in Hamilton, Raglan,Waihi,Thames,Matamata,Cambridge,Morrinsville
  • Whakatane - Whakatane Hospital, afternoon appointments only

Do I have to pay for my tests?

The District Health Boards (DHBs) provide funding for laboratory testing services and many services are free for eligible patients.

Your medical practitioner will let you know if your tests are funded by the DHBs. The table below sets out the rules for publicly funded tests. 


New Zealand citizens and residents New Zealand citizens (including those living in the Cook Island, Niue or Tokelau) and residents YES
Any person applying for immigration/emigration reasons Testing for immigration/emigration or visa purposes NO
Tests for screening purposes
Tests for a trial or study
Tests that are requested on a well person devoid of symptoms and with no identifying risk factors e.g. blood group, wellness testing 
Tests that are for, or part of a research project , a study or trial
Travellers Screening tests prior to travel -- e.g. Hepatitis immunity, rabies antibodies NO
Tests for employment,
pre-employment, education and work experience
Screening tests for education or work experience -- e.g. Nursing student medical 
Health and safety testing -- e.g. lead levels, drug testing
Self-referred or patients referred by other than NZ registered doctors Limited range of funded tests for midwives, smear taker, nurse practitioner NO
People obtaining a medical certificate, insurance or superannuation policy Where a certificate is required -- e.g. pilot or diver’s medical licence and insurance testing NO
Work permit holders Holds a current work permit, which together with the time the person has already been in NZ lawfully, allows for a continuous stay of at least two years
Foreign Language Teaching Assistants funded by Ministry of Education
Refugees and applicant refugees With proof of refugee/applicant status YES
Visitor permit holder Holds a visitor's permit
Refer to Ministry of Health eligibility conditions for child visitors under care of an eligible parent, or pregnant partner of an eligible person

Australian citizens As per New Zealand resident YES
United Kingdom citizens ordinarily resident in UK Testing required for medical conditions requiring prompt attention YES
Foreign Diplomats Other than Australia / UK diplomats and their family (including their children) NO
All persons receiving compulsory health services Compulsory treatment under TB Act 1948, Health Act 1956, Alcohol & Drug Addiction Act 1966, Mental Health Act 1992 
Prison inmates
Funded Students Funded by NZAID ODA and includes partners and children YES
Student permit holders Holds a current student permit (unless studying continuously since before 29 October 2003) NO

For more information on test funding eligibility, please visit

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